Velvet Crush

Velvet is everywhere right now. It’s reminiscent of the velour tracksuit noughties days, but it hasn’t quite gotten that far…yet. I made my first velvet purchase last weekend, on a mad dash around Zara whilst on a hen do in Edinburgh. All we needed was Dale Winton and it would have been an even more heavenly version of supermarket sweep. It was an epic stripe jumpsuit. If it wasn’t for the equally epic camel toe it gave me, we would have been life long friends. 

Velvet striped jumpsuit – £25.99, Zara

Now we’ve departed ways I need some more new velvet in my life. Here’s a few of my favourite pieces right now. Get ready to stroke…


Velvet Dream no1

ts04g03kros_zoom_m_1ts04g03kros_zoom_f_1Crushed Velvet Twist Front Top -£19.00, Topshop. Also available in ochre:



ts27s20kbls_zoom_f_1Velvet Flippy Skirt – £19.00, Topshop


7395660-1-green.jpgVelvet Midi Wrap Dress – £20.00, Boohoo on ASOS



Velvet Platforms -£45.00, ASOS 


Anita And Green Black Cut Out Velvet Bodysuit – £22.99, New Look


Velvet floral appliqué lace bodysuit -£22.00, Missguided. Also available in black.


Floral two piece choker strappy velvet playsuit – £25.00, Missguided


The Wade Velvet Boot – £65.00, Archive by Alexa @ Marks & Spencer


Crushed velvet leggings – £15, Missguided


Chelsea floral applique midi dress -£28.00, Pretty Little Thing

Monday wishlist 1*

Monday wishlist 1*


Nobody let me outside. Unless it’s to go it’s to the gym! Where they’ve probably revoked my membership due to inactivity. Actually maybe I should start living in the gym?! Shorter commutes to work… jacuzzi… Wow feeling slightly more motivated on a Monday now! I just transferred the last of the money I owed my friends from our weekend excursion, and had the shock of a lifetime when I saw my balance. I’m now imposing quarantine on myself – until pay day. I’m generally not very good at this because I get the classic- don’t want to miss out on anything fever. I’m going to pass my time instead – by writing and drooling over all of the new stuff I want (won’t) buy…

Miss Selfridge see through top
£31 –

Topshop tall skirt

Topshop cropped trousers
£23 –

NIKE white high top
£73 –

Barcelona ah ah


Barcelonaa. Vicky Christina Barcelona.The Javier-Cruz-Johannson-Spanish-red wine-love-fest is actually one of my favourite films of all time. NO SHAME. 



Seeing as summer was cancelled this year I wanted to get some speedy sun. Barcelona is perfect for a few days away, being a city by the beach! I felt great that walked our legs off exploring. So great that when we hit the beach we didn’t move for two days to recover from all the walking, and ate bacoa burgers. Good ol’ traditional Spanish food!! It was amazing. 

Unfortunately I didn’t see Havier-Cruz, but did see a lot of Americans who were probably looking for them as well. 

VERDICT 100% LOVE FOR BARCA STILL LIVES ON* Get yourself a hotel with a roof pool to max out your stay. We stayed near parc guell which was cool but I definitely have rooftop insta-envy. 


Soo vintage this post..DSC04481DSC04473DSC04483I went to Milan in December but due to the time delay – it’s only just uploading😉

Coat- £20.00 – Faux Fur ‘London Leathers’ -Vintage Kilo Sale, Oldham St, Manchester

Hat- £6.00 -Primark

Ankle Boots – £12.00 Zara 

Bag- Sample Sale, N Brown Group

The Christmas market hype was failing to take hold in rainy Manchester so we got some cheap flights to Milan to check out their’s instead.

We walked around the city- wearing hats, (me) taking pictures of store windows, and drinking excessive amounts of coffee. (No change there then.) We were like Milanese moths running into fairy lights, getting drunk on red wine.



We imersed ourselves in Milanese culture whilst sipping on vodka- made quintessentially continental with the local shop’s blueberry juice- “Bravo”! 



IBIZA – now there’s a good reason to learn Spanish.

ibiza - on wednesdays we wear black with black


Five letters = five days of pure bliss. There’s no way to describe how good Ibiza actually is. Annoying as this is, in a breaking bad-kind of way, for anyone who hasn’t been: “WE GET IT ALRIGHT, IT’S GOOD!!”

No you don’t.

However, in the interest of island-over-crowding, and the sky rocketing skyscanner prices to fly from the UK, I’ll tell you about Charlie. I arrived first at the hotel to a cockroach room welcome- lovingly named by my companion as “Charlie”. He was later not so pleased to meet Charlie, when he realised Charlie had obviously spent the entire year in the gym -steroiding it up so he could be an ibiza beefcake. The henchest of ALL cockroaches! (We quickly redirected Charlie towards San Antonio Bay.)

The next night my front tooth cap decided to make an early exit in Space, despite the fifty euro entrance fee!

The cracked tooth look is the new tooth gap, haven’t you heard?!

Semi-toothless we trooped on like good party animals. Until the next test to our ibiza love – the hand bag swiping at Bora Bora beach! One minute we were contemplating our career move into table dancing, and the next minute we were left cradling our stolen-hotel beach towels – as our only remaining possessions.

Luckily they had spared my short shorts so the party could continue.

And so we went on, shouting “ME GUSTA CAVA!” into the night.

At least from it all we still had our health!

…Except for the fact that by the time it came to check out, the mosquitos had sucked it out of us, and we had taken the closing party DO NOT SLEEP quite literally at Privilege. I think it’s even too early to speak on the coach ride from Paris to London. Quite possibly one of the worst life-decisions ever.

To conclude… the lesson I have learnt is that sometimes love can get you into danger – loose your possessions, and sometimes even your teeth. Now I’m back at work, nursing my swollen bites which have doubled in size, and scraping out the insides of my cupboards, I’m still in love with Ibiza.

Nothing dampens the appeal of the white isle for me. Nothing!




Ibiza wardrobe


Working the Rain

Can I just say… summer isn’t happening in Manchester.. 

My summer wardrobe is crying.

It’s like summer is one of those things that only happens on instagram.

“Beach body ready?!”

Are you kidding?! Ain’t no beach weather around here.

I can’t say I’m not used to it, but the brolly-weight is getting me down in the dumps a little. One good thing, walking into the office drenched, is that I’m not craving a beer garden outside (as much).


Whilst one of my favourite work-mates is out sipping her way through the vineyards of France this week. I thought I’d represent with my own nautical -franglais office look. Or… with the way things are going, possibly sign myself up for the navy?

I’m more a Rihanna’s Navy kinda gal though…



Topshop Nautical Crop Top

Vintage Pencil Skirt

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche in Eva / Blake’s Red

Claire’s Accessories Pineapple Phone Case – £8

You know what’s a terrible idea for work? Red lipstick. And yet still, at 7am I always think it’s a good plan. If it doesn’t end up all over your face during an enthusiastic lunch, you’re forced to furiously re-apply throughout the day to ensure full lip coverage. I still can’t resist though! I’m also a sucker for a sassy female endorsement so I had to try Blake Lively & Eva Longoria’s red. Eva’s reminds me of the Tom Ford matte range, for a steal at £6.99 @Boots.

My favourite part of this outfit…