Working the Rain

Can I just say… summer isn’t happening in Manchester.. 

My summer wardrobe is crying.

It’s like summer is one of those things that only happens on instagram.

“Beach body ready?!”

Are you kidding?! Ain’t no beach weather around here.

I can’t say I’m not used to it, but the brolly-weight is getting me down in the dumps a little. One good thing, walking into the office drenched, is that I’m not craving a beer garden outside (as much).


Whilst one of my favourite work-mates is out sipping her way through the vineyards of France this week. I thought I’d represent with my own nautical -franglais office look. Or… with the way things are going, possibly sign myself up for the navy?

I’m more a Rihanna’s Navy kinda gal though…



Topshop Nautical Crop Top

Vintage Pencil Skirt

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche in Eva / Blake’s Red

Claire’s Accessories Pineapple Phone Case – £8

You know what’s a terrible idea for work? Red lipstick. And yet still, at 7am I always think it’s a good plan. If it doesn’t end up all over your face during an enthusiastic lunch, you’re forced to furiously re-apply throughout the day to ensure full lip coverage. I still can’t resist though! I’m also a sucker for a sassy female endorsement so I had to try Blake Lively & Eva Longoria’s red. Eva’s reminds me of the Tom Ford matte range, for a steal at £6.99 @Boots.

My favourite part of this outfit…


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