IBIZA – now there’s a good reason to learn Spanish.

ibiza - on wednesdays we wear black with black


Five letters = five days of pure bliss. There’s no way to describe how good Ibiza actually is. Annoying as this is, in a breaking bad-kind of way, for anyone who hasn’t been: “WE GET IT ALRIGHT, IT’S GOOD!!”

No you don’t.

However, in the interest of island-over-crowding, and the sky rocketing skyscanner prices to fly from the UK, I’ll tell you about Charlie. I arrived first at the hotel to a cockroach room welcome- lovingly named by my companion as “Charlie”. He was later not so pleased to meet Charlie, when he realised Charlie had obviously spent the entire year in the gym -steroiding it up so he could be an ibiza beefcake. The henchest of ALL cockroaches! (We quickly redirected Charlie towards San Antonio Bay.)

The next night my front tooth cap decided to make an early exit in Space, despite the fifty euro entrance fee!

The cracked tooth look is the new tooth gap, haven’t you heard?!

Semi-toothless we trooped on like good party animals. Until the next test to our ibiza love – the hand bag swiping at Bora Bora beach! One minute we were contemplating our career move into table dancing, and the next minute we were left cradling our stolen-hotel beach towels – as our only remaining possessions.

Luckily they had spared my short shorts so the party could continue.

And so we went on, shouting “ME GUSTA CAVA!” into the night.

At least from it all we still had our health!

…Except for the fact that by the time it came to check out, the mosquitos had sucked it out of us, and we had taken the closing party DO NOT SLEEP quite literally at Privilege. I think it’s even too early to speak on the coach ride from Paris to London. Quite possibly one of the worst life-decisions ever.

To conclude… the lesson I have learnt is that sometimes love can get you into danger – loose your possessions, and sometimes even your teeth. Now I’m back at work, nursing my swollen bites which have doubled in size, and scraping out the insides of my cupboards, I’m still in love with Ibiza.

Nothing dampens the appeal of the white isle for me. Nothing!




Ibiza wardrobe


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