Soo vintage this post..DSC04481DSC04473DSC04483I went to Milan in December but due to the time delay – it’s only just uploading 😉

Coat- £20.00 – Faux Fur ‘London Leathers’ -Vintage Kilo Sale, Oldham St, Manchester

Hat- £6.00 -Primark

Ankle Boots – £12.00 Zara 

Bag- Sample Sale, N Brown Group

The Christmas market hype was failing to take hold in rainy Manchester so we got some cheap flights to Milan to check out their’s instead.

We walked around the city- wearing hats, (me) taking pictures of store windows, and drinking excessive amounts of coffee. (No change there then.) We were like Milanese moths running into fairy lights, getting drunk on red wine.



We imersed ourselves in Milanese culture whilst sipping on vodka- made quintessentially continental with the local shop’s blueberry juice- “Bravo”! 



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