Monday wishlist 1*

Monday wishlist 1*


Nobody let me outside. Unless it’s to go it’s to the gym! Where they’ve probably revoked my membership due to inactivity. Actually maybe I should start living in the gym?! Shorter commutes to work… jacuzzi… Wow feeling slightly more motivated on a Monday now! I just transferred the last of the money I owed my friends from our weekend excursion, and had the shock of a lifetime when I saw my balance. I’m now imposing quarantine on myself – until pay day. I’m generally not very good at this because I get the classic- don’t want to miss out on anything fever. I’m going to pass my time instead – by writing and drooling over all of the new stuff I want (won’t) buy…

Miss Selfridge see through top
£31 –

Topshop tall skirt

Topshop cropped trousers
£23 –

NIKE white high top
£73 –

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