Sick sunday…

..spent not feeling sick.

So usually my Sundays are spent crawling around, regressed in nature back to the dawn of time. In fact probably less than microbial movements, just pure grunts and desperate attempts to sign, “Maccys”, to anyone in the unfortunate close proximity. So this Sunday the unexpected happened, there was not a hangover to be seen. So crazy was this occurrence that it inspired me to take a boat trip, a walk, go to a market, drink some wine, munch some steak, have some coconut coffee. Oh my SUNdays. 

Kind of a regular now at Maltby St market- and it’s kind of a big deal. The steak is definitely worth skipping a Sunday snooze for! Check them out on Instagram @thebeefsteaks

£8 for steak & chips – I had chimichurri sauce, and there’s horseraditch cream on the left there:


Washed down perfectly with a glass of cold Greek red wine.


Getting a boat is a fun & cheap way to see loads more of London- we took it from Tower Bridge to Embankment. Like true captains of the Thames.


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