Let’s party now it’s pay day….


Whilst January felt like waiting for a miracle to be born into my bank balance, I’ve learnt that I can’t be trusted to be paid early in December. The festive times were the perfect excuse to get “spendy happy”, like my apprentice heroine, Grainne McCoy. Speaking to my personal-budget management skills, she was a bit too honest to Sir Alan’s aids in the semi final when she explained how she had managed her money. Grainne is goals nevertheless though. Not only is she a sassy Irish businesswoman with incredible make-up, you’ve got to admire her endurance for getting completely hammered during the gin making task, sampling way too much of what can only be described as Irn Bru Gin, and then surviving the board room on what must have been an epic hangover.

What a babe:


With Grainne as my spirit animal and the bleak January times behind, it means it’s time to buy lots of new things. (JOKE). I’m actually saving for a flat deposit right now. So, instead of splurging, I need to be thinking about re-working that wardrobe, and hoping for another work sample sale. The magical, mystery land of sample sales where all of the items are 50p!!! (Massive work-perk). The proceeds go to charity which means it’s guilt free and everyone wins, including my floordrobe.


This week I’m grunging it up. I love that the 90s trend has continued into 2017.
Androgynous, oversized, ripped denim; it’s all easy to wear comfy-coolness. I’ve seen quite a few 90s looks with minimal make up to match but I can’t work that right now. This is optimum – Caspar-the-friendly-ghost –complexion-times! Also, I like make-up too much.



This look is Simply Be to the ankles, with a vintage sheepskin coat I found in a charity shop, and Pretty Little Thing platform boots. 

The distressed pink shirt is oversized and I’ve paired it with some ripped, distressed denim. I’m going to do another post about jeans soon because there’s so many different styles out at the moment. There’s a lot of grunge band & artist t shirts around too, and I think one would go great under the shirt to layer the look, and also to keep warm!

The boots, I’m obsessed with. They’re permanently attached to me. With the platform heel I thought I wouldn’t be stomping about in them all the time but they’re really comfy and I like the change from my black new look boots but they still go with everything.


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