Ladies Day at Aintree 2017

Ladies’ Day.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, except for a lot of fun, which is always guaranteed with my ex-work-wife-Jess. If our previous antics were anything to go by, it was probably going to involve alcohol, the occasional shot in an egg cup, and some hula hooping. If we could manage any of that and stay standing in heels- I was going to be mega impressed, and definitely a races convert.


My outfit was a charity shop mash up with current accessories, so I felt less cheap.


  • An unknown designer dress, charity shop
  • &Other Stories leather heels – my favourite ever find! Thank you charity shop-knutsford-WAG-cast-offs
  • Blue flower power earrings by H&M – £8
  • Black scarf / wrap by Primark -£5, with cute lace edges.
  • New Look Bird Embroidered Clutch Bag, ASOS – £22.99

And followed by a £9 fascinator which was a later addition to the outfit.. The fascinator hadn’t made it into the original outfit cut because all of the ones I had seen were either-

a) Way too expensive, and I was going to need to win a loooot of money to offset my new headgear expenditure.


b) Crap.

If I wanted a piece of bird wire sticking to my head I would go to Wilkos..and probably incorporate a fake bird.


(Glass raise to each prosecco-mention necessary)

When you google ladies day- it’s kind of a mash up of flashing body parts that you didn’t know existed, flying through the air- faster than their hosts, or women abandoning their sky-high heels and wading through a sea of plastic cups. I was determined to stay committed to my heels; making a pact of: “home-do-us-part”, rather than “drunk-do-us-part”. Of course in complete prosecco-abandonment there were some commitment issues, and we parted ways…


Our transport in style began with a train to Liverpool Lime St from Manchester Victoria, then a short walk, yet not-so-short-in-heels, to Liverpool Central to get to Aintree. Jess brought the class to northern rail with the best picnic ever: salmon & cream cheese bagels and prosecco.



The costa cups she had supplied us with were genius – and later meant we could continue subtly chugging prosecco, (in a lady-like way), whilst everyone else had theirs confiscated before we boarded the next train.

I wasn’t expecting the commute between trains to be eventful. IT WAS. Stopping half way to buy a fascinator for myself, inside Clayton Square, to cure the major F(ascincator)FOMO. We then went into Coopers  for more prosecco. I don’t think you’ve experienced liverpool until you’ve been to Coopers. (Liverpool Echo give the full lowdown..) There was no other way to describe it than Men’s day, but felt like this was probably the general vibe.

“Where are all the girls??” – Probably already at the races being papped to win best dressed, but to hell with that, where’s the prosecco??!


Our kareoke song of choice was Valerie. It took a lot of convincing from Jess, and me refusing to sing spice girls, but we bossed it! I mean I kept coming in too early apparently, but I think it was just the unrestrained passion to get those notes out. Jess invited one of the regulars to dance with us, and then we serenaded (insert appropriate old man’s name), and received a standing ovation. It was time to exit on a high.

Over to Liverpool Central, we jumped on a train with what was basically-Westlife. A big group of Irish guys who were also on their way to the races. When we started introductions, Jess decided instead they should be re-named as characters from Father Ted – my favourite being: ‘My Lovely Horse..’ One of the guys, definitely the lead-singer – ‘Ronan’, was wearing a massive foam hand which he kindly gifted to me. It was a winning part of my look before it was confiscated as we entered the grounds.

Inside, so many people, nearly all looking amazing. Queues to the bar and queues to bet. We decided to get our first bets in and then hit the bar! Beginners luck was on my side and although I only bet the minimum £2, I managed to win with every race I bet on!! Could this be a new career….?! I mean I’m clearly 100% psychic

(Although apparently still struggle to spell psychic)



Outside with wine, the sun was shining and we went to watch the races. Like, you know, the real reason we’re here?! You know you’ve left Manchester when it’s actually not raining. For the best view you can climb the hill – which looks terrifying in heels, until you find the stairs at the back. There’s also an indoor stage where Sophie Ellis Bextor was playing, and I would love to say we went for some murder on the dancefloor circa 2001 but I think by this point the prosecco was getting the better of us..


Bumped into some familiar faces!



Next year – we’re there. I love any excuse to dress up and now I can see this is going to be a reoccurring must-attend event. Definitely need a spray tan for 2018!!


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